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Built to Last

Randy All, P.E.

Randy started with FEI in January of 1999 following his time working for a design/build contractor. His experience on the contracting side of the table has aided Randy in both his design and construction management duties. As a principal in the firm Randy is actively involved in virtually every project. He participates in the conceptual phase of the engineering and then oversees the work of the project Engineer through project completion.


Jason Testin

As the grandson of our founder Jason represents the third generation of “Fredericksen” leading the firm. Jason guides many of the engineering concepts employed in our design work. Since his arrival in 2000, he has been instrumental in developing our early adoption of geothermal heating and cooling systems. His commitment to advanced technologies has paid off in the highly efficient systems we are able to design today and tomorrow.













Every worthwhile enterprise is built on a firm foundation with a strong vision and the ability to adapt and innovate. While our firm was instrumental in the development of customized HVAC design for each unique building we have never stopped being the leader in modernization, conservation and transformation. Our Cornerstones: John Lofte and Bert Fredericksen.


Established in 1953 Lofte & Fredericksen declared that the needs of building occupants and Owners would be the first priority of every design.  This may seem obvious today but prior to this revolutionary business concept the manufacturers themselves designed and executed the building HVAC systems.  John and Bert revolutionized the design industry by creating the independent consultant. As independent consultants they could assure that the building Owner received the equipment and technology that was best suited for their needs regardless of manufacturer.


When John Lofte retired in 1974, the corporate name was changed to Bert Fredericksen, Inc. In 1985 Bert Fredericksen Sr. retired leaving John Fredericksen and Bert Fredericksen Jr. as President and Vice President to lead the firm forward. In July of 1999, Bert Fredericksen, Inc. became Fredericksen Engineering, Inc. to better reflect the multi-generational nature of the firm.

















The planning for the next generation to lead the firm started, fittingly, at the turn of the century when Jason Testin, the grandson of Bert Fredericksen Sr., joined the firm. After 30 years of leading the firm, John and Bert fully retired in 2015 completing the transition in leadership of Fredericksen Engineering, Inc. over to Randy All and Jason Testin.


From the beginning Fredericksen Engineering, Inc. has been at the forefront of HVAC design innovation. We have continued this tradition through three generations of engineering leadership.


Today our consulting services primarily encompass the preparation of detailed drawings and specifications for competitive bidding and construction. In addition, we can also provide comprehensive services in the areas of energy conservation, construction cost estimates, energy/cost analysis, and systems planning.

Some seem to believe that engineering today is simply providing heating and ventilation to meet state and local codes. Here at Fredericksen Engineering, Inc. we could not disagree more. The engineer must take into account all aspects of a building and its HVAC systems in order to provide a well-balanced design concept for the building. Every building must balance initial cost, conservation of resources and occupant comfort in order to provide the best possible solution.

Fredericksen Engineering, Inc. is experienced with all aspects of design and is capable of attacking even the most difficult engineering problems.

Our goal is a satisfied client and Fredericksen Engineering, Inc. will strive at all times to achieve that goal. We are proud of our reputation for providing clean, concise construction documents. For more than 60 years we have worked hard to gain the respect of the construction industry and we look forward to strengthening that standing in the future.

John Lofte


Bert Fredericksen


Bert Fredericksen


John Fredericksen


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